“Panksy coded Retro Cat NFT”

Retro Cat NFT White Paper

for transparency


Just left an audio recording on Panksy’s Telegram (not his real name) telling him I was, in fact, planning to write a white paper. In the recording, I asked him personally if he wanted to proofread it first before I publish. That was the first time I had ever done that, send him a recorded message on Telegram. In my humble opinion, Panksy is far too busy trying to save the crypto world to be listening to messages from me. But, it was an important message.

Ever since the three of us began working together more than 2 months ago, I could tell instantly this project was gonna be about the developer AND the artist. And, he keeps reminding me not to use his name. So, I’m using Panksy instead. It’s the best thing I can think of.

It’s not that Panksy wishes to remain completely anonymous exactly; he is on RetroCatNFT’s Twitter and Discord under his real name plus in the Twitter bio. It’s just that, this gentleman is the goat, the Banksy of blockchain. I’m not even fucking kidding. He’s a prodigy and a sorcerer on the backend, one of the ones who could save us all with code if we gave him the chance. There’s just no better way to characterize him.

I mean, maybe you also know someone who’s a wizard on Solidity, Rust, and others. But unless you know Panksy in real life, you’ll just have to take my word for it. He’d be the one guy you’d want on your side when AI actually starts running amok, and we actually do need to turn to somebody.

Not to brag, but this collection comes with arguably the most beautiful AND secure code on the blockchain. I’m absolutely not kidding. Have you seen it? If you have not, you need to go over to Etherscan right now, look it over, and then come back here. Tell me that not the most beautiful thing you’ve seen on chain all day?

I’m also calling him ‘Panksy’ because he coded this project for free. He doesn’t want any proceeds, fam, he does NOT want to be paid! Rather, he simply wants to do good as much good as he can for the sake of the blockchain while he’s still on this of the good, green Earth. I haven’t met anyone quite as selfless as he is in awhile. He wants nothing more than his portion to go back to developer education for those who are learning to code. People who actually know how to operate a blockchain fundamentally understand just how transparent web3’s ecosystem is. They understand: those with a pure heart will always succeed if given enough time, and those without might not.

The project terms were simple: Panksy creates the smart contract, which had to include utility, and Steph creates the artwork. Then, try to build an amazing community by showering all the collectors with money throughout the roadmap. And slowly, it’s working!

Who we are

Panksy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p36tXHX1JD8

Steph https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4g1sDudzSWE

me (on the left) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NX0Q3bn__lw

Panksy is someone who chooses the path of righteousness. He quite maybe is the goat of the programmer developer side of all things blockchain. I’m sure there are other goats out there amongst the masses, but nobody is quite like Panksy. He could write another new smart contract every single day if he wanted to, make millions. This is a man who makes the code dance on the blockchain. He can do it quickly, and he knows how to do things right. He’s out there making coding sexy. I should know: I’ve been working with him two months now on Retro Cat NFT.

The web3 that we are all experiencing is the precious thing. Tamper with it the wrong way, and people will know. We are all here because we like the idea of a better future for everyone, forever. The permanency and transparency of the blockchain is real; it must be used for good, or we’re doomed.

But it’s not enough to just know this. Each of us plays a different role in the space, and we all must trust each other. Trust is key. Crypto Twitter is overflowing with all sorts of shenanigans. But let’s make one thing clear: people who steal crypto from others who are Buying NFTs or investing in projects are thieves. That’s not good karma to have on one’s soul. We’re seeing all sorts of nasty shit happen to people who are participating in this newly-minted NFT craze. But at the same time, we’re also all going through a tremendous transition of growth, and so much if it is positive.

And, Panksy made it clear from the very beginning: he’ll write the code for it, but he’s really busy. Like, extremely busy. The smart contract needed to be written in such a way that he could eventually step away from it to pursue other endeavors. He’d always be there if anything went wrong, and would never ever ever abandon the project. But, it needed to run securely, and autonomously. From the onset, this special project with utility built into the smart contract was always going to be different from the rest.

As the principal developer on the project, he promised he would always be on standby, forever, if ever anything were to go wrong with the code. If we really ever needed anything fixed, he’d always be there to fix it. If any bugs showed up, no sweat. But in the case of the Retro Cat NFT collection, there will never be any need to fix anything. This very well may be one of the most rock solid smart contracts on the blockchain to date. We had this code audited twice for good measure, and this is partly why it took so long to deploy. The code went back for a second audit because the raffle utility was added after the fact. It needed to be, because we had to have utility for our holders too. We couldn’t just launch an avatar only collection. Utility needed to accompany the NFT, and it needed to be coded directly into the smart contract.

Panksy made it all happen, and to this day continues to not want any credit for this thing of beauty that he created.

The Artist

Steph Ishler, the talented artist behind Retro Cats, started painting mostly acrylic on canvas in 2010. She was born in the countryside of Pennsylvania in a small house in the woods. Some of her earliest memories were of playing with a litter of kittens. She has always been a creative person with a vivid imagination. And long before it was cool, she had a love for vintage clothing and music from the 1970s. You can see where this is going right?

Right after college, she moved to South Korea and began a job teaching English. Her first teaching job was in the shadow of Samsung tower - a beacon of Korean economic success. There, one night after work, she saw her first smart phone and met her future husband. And, the rest is history. After several years together, they went on to start a YouTube channel. She also received her MA in education and began her art career while living in Korea.

Moving back to the US several years later, the first item she bought to decorate her new art studio was a lucky cat. This launched a series of small paintings of lucky cats that reside in collectors houses around the world.

In addition to art, she is passionate about cats and animal conservation. In the 1970’s, an international law named the CITES Convention was adopted. This convention has helped to provide protections for endangered animals around the world. Prior to this law, three Tiger species went extinct. Many animals such as Lynx were more likely to be seen as a winter coat than in their natural territory. Still to this day, 90% of the world’s cat funding goes to 1% of the cats. Steph believes this can change.

Living overseas taught Steph many lessons. She understands the importance of technology to connect the world and improve society. She became an educator who believes in building the next generation. And, she wants to help make the world a better place. A utopia if you will, where all the cats and humans have a chance to experience the good that this life has to offer. Pretty far out stuff!


HUGE shout out to rarity.tools for supporting this project! The following is a list of websites where our project appears. It may be incomplete, and I apologize if we’re listed on a website somewhere that doesn’t appear below:

Rarity Tools https://rarity.tools/upcoming

NFT Calendar: https://nftcalendar.io/event/retro-cat-nft-1/

NFT Catcher: https://www.nftcatcher.io/drops/retro-cat-nft

Rare Drop: https://www.rarenftdrop.com/nfts/retro-cat-nft

Nextdropis: https://nextdrop.is/project/2645

Digital Nest: https://digitalnest.io/retro-cat-nft

The outpouring of support has been tremendous! Thanks to everyone who has purchased a cat so far!


Retro Cat NFT has integrated Chainlink Technologies within the smart contract. We proud of this partnership, and feel confident that Chainlink will provide the best and most secure NFT experience for all holders. Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) has been utilized to randomize the traits and characteristics so that each NFT minted. Our smart contract ensures that all traits selected at the time of minting is verifiably random, and generated in real time precisely as you mint. You’ll have no idea what the result will be until after mint, and neither do we. Chainlink Keepers has also been implemented into Retro Cat NFT's smart contract to ensure the monthly raffle drawing is automated, decentralized, and incorruptible. Pretty rad stuff!


10% SOLD

- 2 ETH giveaway to holders

20% SOLD

- 3 ETH giveaway to holders

30% SOLD

- 4 ETH giveaway to holders

- $5000 Donation to Orphan Kitty Club Mighty Cat Program

40% SOLD

- 5 ETH giveaway to holders

50% SOLD

- 6 ETH giveaway to holders

- 48 ETH deposit in Lottery wallet and first Lottery drawing starts

- Funds set aside for coding scholarships (TBD)

60% SOLD

- 7 ETH giveaway to holders

70% SOLD

- 8 ETH giveaway to holders

- $7500 Donation to Stray Cat Alliance

80% SOLD

- 9 ETH giveaway to holders

90% SOLD

- 10 ETH giveaway to holders

100% SOLD

- 10 ETH giveaway to holders

- 48 ETH additional deposit in Lottery wallet (96 ETH total) and Lottery raffle is extended to 4 years total

- $10000 Donation to Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation

- $5000 Donation Ansan, Korea Organization TBD

- $5000 Donation Shanghai, China Organization TBD

  • - More funds set aside for coding scholarships (TBD)


Introducing the one of the very first, truly decentralized automatic raffles on the Ethereum blockchain

The official monthly 2 ETH raffle for Retro Can NFT begins at 50% of NFTs sold, with a 48ETH deposit into the community wallet.

Retro Cat NFT owners will automatically be entered into the Lottery every month! If you hold a Retro Cat, you don’t need to take any action! You’re automatically entered.

Winners will automatically receive 2ETH deposited into their wallet at the end of the thirty days after the raffle started.

Once 100% of Retro Cat NFTs are sold, an additional 48ETH is deposited totaling 96ETH, extending the monthly Lottery drawing to 4 years.

Retro Rockers

To celebrate the launch of Retro Cats, we’re introducing a limited edition NFT collection called Retro Rockers. Each Retro Rocker is hand drawn, and these 1 / 1 NFTs are being given away exclusively to those who mint Retro Cats. Retro Rocker NFTs are part of Retro Cat NFT’s ’30 Days of Giveaways’ promotion as a way of saying thanks for supporting the project.


We are extremely proud of the community we are building. This community may not be as big as some of the others that launched before us at this early stage, but make no mistake: the Retro Cats community is growing. The code is robust, the artwork extraordinary. And, every person who’s already purchased a Retro Cat is at the beginning of something very special.

The crypto world is this fascinating place where miracles really can come true. Do you want to be part of this Retro Cat soul train? Are you feeling the good vibes? Won’t you consider joining our crew by minting a Retro Cat? Panksy appreciates the support, and thanks you in advance. Stay groovy y’all.